We run a number of competitions throughout the season for members on the following topics. A league table is kept of scores awarded by judges and the winner of the league wins the trophy.

Print Competitions

  • Members print their photos and mount them for presentation to the judge of the night of the competition

PDI Competitions

  • Members submit the images as a digital image (jpg) and the images are projected to a screen on the night of competition

AV Competitions

  • Members will make an Audio Visual presentation and submit this as a file format that can be played on the club laptop in advance of the competition evening
  • Note that we do not run an AV competition buy generic crestor online every season

Judging and Scoring

  • Our visiting guest judges follow the standard Camera Club scoring system of rating each photo out of 20 points. Usually the lowest score on an evening is no lower than 13 and there is no limit on the number of 20’s that can be awarded. The judge will not only award a score for each image but also provide vital feedback on the image and how it could be improved.
  • This CACC newsletter provides some guidance around how judges mark images and a lot of background information on judges techniques. It is suggested that all members review this newsletter. HOW TO REDUCE JUDGES’ CRITICISMS by Roger Wates