The CACC Print Championship takes place at the CACC Championships Day annually in March Clubs may submit 15 prints (no more than 3 per author), with optionally a nomination of 6 of these (no more than 2 per author) for the Best Panel of Prints Exhibition. Alternatively, Clubs may submit 6 prints (no more than 2 per author), all of which are then entered for the Best Panel of Prints Exhibition. Prints are selected by the Print Secretary from the high scoring prints in internal competitions in the current where to buy crestor season. The CACC Championship competitions are subject to the following rules:

  1. An image may not appear in both of the Print Championship and Projected Digital Championship events.
  2. An image in either of the Championship events may appear in the Chilterns Hundred Members’ Exhibition. [However, Clubs are asked to limit overlap, in order that the maximum variety of work can be shown on the day.]
  3. An image nominated from the Print Championship to be in the Best Panel of Prints Exhibition may not then appear in the Rosebowl Final.