The CACC Rosebowl

The Rosebowl is an inter-club PDI competition organized by the CACC on a yearly basis. It takes place over three rounds at different member clubs, with a final for the highest scoring clubs in those rounds. 15 images are needed from each club for each round. The CCC committee select images from members in September to represent the club in the first round and can then alter the selection from round-to-round across the season.

  1. Images must be no more than 2 years old at the start of the event season (1st September). Age is determined by first showing at any club competition.
  2. Images do not have to be entered in a club competition to be entered into the Rosebowl. Any new images buy cheap crestor online which you think would be suitable can be offered to the committee for selection.
  3. All entries must be the original copyright of the photographer submitting them. Images taken by someone other than the author are not acceptable.
  4. Images must NOT have been used in a previous year in the same CACC event.
  5. Images must be in JPEG format and should be 1400 x 1050 pixels max (the same as CCC internal competition entries). They should also be named in the same format as CCC internal PDI competition entries.
  6. Members can offer up to 10 images to the committee for selection in September and we can select no more than 4 per member for each round of the competition.