Meet the Comittee

The Croxley Camera Club committee members are

Chairman: Steve Bailey

Steve joined CCC in 2012 and has been driving the club forward as Vice-Chairman since 2016 and as  Chairman since 2016.  Steve enjoys all aspects of photography and his enthusiasm for the art is an inspiration for all.

Vice ChairmanJohn Flynn

John has long history in all aspects in photography with a particular passion for studio work and portraiture.   Keen to share his skills and know-how, John runs the club’s studio nights and is always on hand not only to help new starters with camera settings  but also techniques for building confidence with models!

Secretary: Denise Noverre

Denise joined the club in 2017 and took over from Cat Humphries as secretary in 2019 .  Denise is a Nikon shooter and enjoys abstract landscape photography.      

TreasurerRod Lacey

Rod joined the club in 2017 and is serving his first year as treasurer.  Rod has a long history in photography, and will gladly tell you we’ve never had it so good with digital.   Rod specialises in landscape photography.

PDI Competition Secretary: Vanessa Lacey

Vanessa also joined the club in 2017 and is serving her first year on the committee with Rod.  Vanessa specialises in producing competition winning images from a compact camera. 

Print & External Competition Secretary: Stuart Craig

Stuart joined the club in 2016 and particularly enjoys street and mono photography

Committee MembersAnthony Highet, George Purchase

President: Mike Collins