Steve Bailey

If you, like me, enjoy taking photographs of varied subjects, then you probably face the problem of what to do with them all. Do you just show your friends or family, maybe share them on social media or just store them on your computer? Some years ago I had the same dilemma, I knew I wanted to improve and take better pictures, but didn’t know the direction to take.

My daughter suggested joining a camera club. I chose Croxley Camera Club, which was local to me and they met once a week. Very quickly I understood the advantage of being a member of a friendly like minded group with the same passion for Photography.

I found there was a very clear path for improvement. The club cover all aspects of photography during the season. These include helpful workshops and competitions with visiting judges who give marks and constructive critique on your work. The club also have league tables to help measure progress over the season.

If you lack inspiration with your current photography direction, then joining Croxley CC could revitalise your motivation and dramatically improve your end results.