Stuart Craig

Image taken at a club lighting workshop

I have been a Croxley member since 2016, and was immediately struck by the friendliness of the club which I hope will always be the case. Having formerly belonged to another club elsewhere I speak from experience in saying that not all clubs are the same.  In terms of photographic tastes and styles, I used to enjoy landscape work and still do, but now have a preference for ‘people’ photography in all its forms.  I greatly enjoy studio work and am trying to get into weddings.  I generally prefer black and white for prints, and was fortunate to win Mono Print of the Year in 2017.

For most of my serious photographic life (the last 12 years) I have been passionate about Nikon DSLRs, eventually graduating to the D750, but approximately a year ago I had the opportunity to trade everything in for a Fujifilm mirrorless medium format camera and have never looked back.  I have two lenses for it: a zoom the equivalent of 25-51mm, and a short telephoto equivalent of 95mm, which is ideal for portraits.  For my work those focal lengths are ideal, and if I don’t want to lug that system around I have a smaller APS-C format camera with interchangeable lenses that is much lighter.  If I _really_ want to keep things simple and lightweight, I just keep the 35mm (equivalent) lens on that camera, which is my favourite focal length. For processing software I only use Lightroom.  I vehemently dislike image manipulation and I don’t do Photoshop!