George Purchase

Hello, I’m George and I joined the committee in 2018 as the club’s web admin.

My photographic history is much like anyone else’s here  – I’ve always had a camera since a kid and joined a club to get better.  I’ve found entering competitions the most effective way of  improving my photography as judges provide practical pointers on what could have been done better.  Of course judge’s personal taste do creep in, but you have to let that wash over you. 

Entering the first competition was quite daunting, and indeed my entries attracted a long-list of suggestions for improvement!  But having been through the competition process a few times now it’s fairly straight forward to avoid the common mistakes.  Take a look at the blog for the post on “what judges are looking for” to get a head start!  

Photo taking the aside, the club has a warm friendly vibe, with club nights well attended with a good mix of age groups (and opinions).

I’ve no regrets joining Croxley at all, and at just £40 for a year’s membership it’s a bit of a bargain.