Photo Entry

The club uses the excellent PhotoEntry system to administer the club’s internal competitions.  

The PhotoEntry website is here:

The competition handbook is here

Images which score 18 and above are published in the gallery

PhotoEntry has a number options to give you control over how your images are published:

  • Do Not Publish – the image will not appear in the gallery even if it scored 18 or above
  • Strip Metadata – Metadata is the hidden information your camera and editing software adds to an image.  This can be very detailed (including GPS location), so you may wish PhotoEntry to removed this before an image is made public.  PhotoEntry never adds additional meta data of its own (like the competition score for example)
  • Copyright Watermark – PhotoEntry can add (C) YourName to the bottom of your image before it’s published

If you change your mind and would like one of your images removed from the gallery then please contact George

Cat has also recorded a short video which walks you through the submission process