Photo Entry

The club uses the excellent PhotoEntry system to administer the club’s internal competitions.  

The PhotoEntry website is here:

The competition handbook isĀ here

A short video on how to use PhotoEntry is at the bottom of this page.


Entry Culling

The Competition Secretary may have to cull member’s second choice images to allow judges enough time to provide meaningful feedback on the night. Therefore if you feel one of your images in stronger than the other then please make it you first choice in PhotoEntry to avoid any disappointment.

PDI Image Size

Competition entries should be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and a maximum of 1050 pixels high (in sRGB colour space). Please make sure your image are large enough to meet one of these dimensions exactly. i.e. your image can be 1440 wide by less than 1050 high, or can be 1050 high but less than 1440 wide. Otherwise your image maybe be displayed with ugly white borders by the our projection system on the night


By default the club publishes member’s images if they score 18 or over on the club’s website and newsletter, crediting the author.

If you prefer your image not to be published, then please choose “Do Not Publish” in PhotoEntry when submitting it.

You can of course have your name removed from a published image, or have an image removed altogether from the website by contacting

All images published on the website are considered candidates for external competitions. If you do not wish your image to be considered then please ask for it to be removed.

What If I Don’t Want My Name Published by the Club?

As a member of the club, your name may be mentioned in this newsletter or on our website blog as part of a record of events. 

If you wish to use a pseudonym to remain anonymous to people outside of the club then please let the Committee know and we will amend your details in Photo Entry and make a note to our editors that your real name should not be mentioned in our newsletter or blog posts. 

How to Use PhotoEntry

Cat recorded this short video which walks you through the submission process