Photo Entry

The club uses the excellent PhotoEntry system to administer the club’s internal competitions.  

The PhotoEntry website is here:

The competition handbook isĀ here


Updating Your Publishing Preferences

Recently there’s been a bit of chatter about how our top-scoring images are used in this newsletter and online, so the committee wants to take this opportunity to clarify how the Photo Entry preferences are used.

Croxley Camera Club will only display images in this newsletter or on our website if they score 18 or above in our competitions. Any lower scoring images will not be published.

It’s important for the running of the club that we are able to credit the author of the images, publish details in our newsletter and produce score sheets and league tables for competitions.

The most reliable way for us to credit the author is to automatically generate copies of the images from Photo Entry which have the title and author name watermarked onto the picture. We already use these versions in this newsletter and from the next competition we intend to display the same versions online. This is the same as other clubs display their members’ images.

Score Sheets and League Table information is also generated automatically from the information in Photo Entry.

What Do I Need to Do?

Photo Entry gives you control over whether your images are published.

If you don’t want your image to feature on the website or in the newsletter then please select Do Not Publish.

The other options in Photo Entry all start with Publish. 

Due to our configuration all options starting with Publish will result in your images being published on our website and in our email newsletter with the Title, Authors name and distinctions watermarked onto the image.

These details are automatically generated from your details in Photo Entry so please ensure that your titles are suitable for publishing.

If you change your mind and would like one of your images removed from the website gallery then please contact George. 

What If I Don’t Want My Name Published?

As a member of the club, your name may be mentioned in this newsletter or on our website blog as part of a record of events. 

If you wish to use a pseudonym to remain anonymous to people outside of the club then please let Cat know and she will amend your details in Photo Entry and make a note to our editors that your real name should not be mentioned in our newsletter or blog posts. 

Cat has also recorded a short video which walks you through the submission process