Meet the Committee

The Croxley Camera Club committee members are

Chairman: Steve Bailey

Steve joined CCC in 2012 and has been driving the club forward as Vice-Chairman since 2016 and as  Chairman since 2016.  Steve enjoys all aspects of photography and his enthusiasm for the art is an inspiration for all.

Vice Chairman: George Purchase

George joined the club in 2017 and takes took over the Vice Chair from John Flynn. in 2021. George is a Nikon shooter and will take a picture of anything.

Secretary: Denise Noverre

Denise joined the club in 2017 and took over from Cat Humphries as secretary in 2019 .  Denise is a Nikon shooter and enjoys abstract landscape photography.      

TreasurerRod Lacey

Rod joined the club in 2017 and and has a long history in photography.  Rod will gladly tell you we’ve never had it so good with digital and specialises in landscape photography.

PDI Competition Secretary: Vanessa Lacey

Vanessa joined the club in 2017 and specialises in producing competition winning images from a compact camera. 

Print & External Competition Secretary: Stuart Craig

Stuart joined the club in 2016 and particularly enjoys street and mono photography

Committee MembersAnthony Highet, David Eckland

President: Mike Collins