Meet the Committee

The Croxley Camera Club committee members are

Vice Chair: George Purchase

George joined the club in 2017 and took over the Vice Chair role from John Flynn. in 2021. George is a Nikon shooter and will take a picture of anything.

Secretary: Denise Noverre

Denise joined the club in 2017 and took over from Cat Humphries as secretary in 2019 .  Denise is a Nikon shooter and enjoys abstract landscape photography.      

TreasurerRod Lacey

Rod joined the club in 2017 and and has a long history in photography.  Rod will gladly tell you we’ve never had it so good with digital and specialises in landscape photography. Rod has more camera systems than one can shake a stick at.

Competitions Secretary: Vanessa Lacey

Vanessa joined the club in 2017 and specialises in producing competition winning images from a compact camera. 

Communications & Social Media SecretaryAnthony Highet

Anthony joined the club in 2016 and specialises in fashion portrait photography. Anthony is both a Nikon and more recently a Sony shooter.

Membership Secretary: Alan Rhodes

Alan joined the club in 2019 and also specialises in portrait photography. Alan is Nikon shooter.

External Competition Secretary: Ian Bennell