Rod Lacey

I joined Croxley Camera Club last season after dropping in to their stall at the Revels and having a look at the photographs on show. I got talking to a chap who turned out to be the Chairman, Steve Bailey, who explained the club’s ethos and I decided to give it a go. I encouraged my wife to come along as well. This season I take on the role of Treasurer.

My interest in photography was started by my father who did his own developing and printing. This gave me a good grounding in the basics. I now have a few digital cameras for different purposes, in particular a lightweight Olympus Mirrorless is just what I need as a lightweight holiday camera but my favourite is a Canon DSLR (some years old!) with a variety of good lenses for more serious stuff.

I am interested mainly in Landscape photography but being a member of CCC has got me trying many different genres. The competitions are fun and you learn so much from seeing other people’s work. I would encourage anyone with an interest in photography to join and build their knowledge in a friendly helpful way.

PS. As you can see from my photo I love seafood!