Vanessa Lacey

Image taken at a club lighting workshop

After some initial hesitation on my part Rod and I joined Croxley Camera Club in 2017. At first I worried that I wouldn’t fit in and the evenings would be too technical for me as I use a compact camera set on intelligent automatic most of the time! I’m very glad to say this has not been the case and in our small friendly club it’s the quality of the photo that counts not how expensive or complicated the camera is.

I really enjoy taking photos that are slightly quirky or taken from odd angles and belonging to the Club has given me an opportunity to improve my technique and to get valuable feedback from other photographers.

This season I have taken on the role of Internal Competition Secretary which is very interesting and sometimes challenging. So, if you enjoy photography come along to one of our meetings, we welcome everyone however they take photos be it by mobile phone, compact camera or something far more expensive!