Club night summary – 3rd January

A change to the planned programme due to the speaker Paul Halliday unable to attend.

In place we viewed and commented on a previous PAGB GB cup which featured many Camera clubs from across the country. An Interesting evening with a lot of excellent Images shown of various styles and diverse subjects.


Club night summary – 20th December

An overview of our new exciting website was given by its creator George Purchase. The new site is being launched on January 3rd 2019.

One of our social nights of the season, celebrating Christmas with a seasonal quiz nicely put together by Cat.  In addition, we showed entries for our challenge of ‘own Interpretation of Iconic Images’.

Great food was provided by Vanessa and Denise with support from Tom with a supply of drink.  Rod Lacey also organised a successful raffle on the night.

A nice social evening for the end of 2018.


Club night summary – 13th December

Damon Guy gave an Interesting talk on ‘ how to use the rules of Photography and how to break them successfully’ The presentation included many Images to demonstrate the points made.

Damon who is Involved with competition judges training, also gave our members insight into the where the CACC are trying to open judges minds by encouraging the visiting judges to view and appreciate the art content and concepts of Presented Images and not purely by scoring to established rules. An interesting topic.


Club night summary – 6th December

Workshop evening professionally led by Ant Highet demonstrating Portraiture Lighting and practical use, with members both taking shots and ‘posing’ for each other.

An enjoyable night on an Interesting subject. Watch out fora few (dodgy models) member pictures entering competitions in the future! (webmaster edit – your BIO picture is from this session Steve!)


Club night summary – 29th November

Our third evening of PDI competitions ‘ Square format’ and ‘open’ we’re the subjects.

Once again a tremendous response with 96 entries initially submitted. This unfortunately needed to be reduced to fit the evening and allow the judge quality of time to critique. 69 entries over the 2 competitions were decided on, giving all authors the first 2 submissions in each category.

A good night judged by Steven Galvin, giving a nice spread of results over the 2 Competitions.


Club night summary – 8th November

Last night we had a talk/ presentation from Stan Hill on the arid parks of South Africa. Stan gave an Interesting talk and showed us many photographs he had taken, recording his travels around South Africa. in addition to the still Images, he also showed a number of Av’s set to music to enhance the atmosphere of the very rough and dry terrain that he had travelled through. He informed us one of his av’s had been featured on a BBC travel programme.


Club night summary – 1st November

First round of the Inter club Rosebowl competition hosted by us. A closely fought evening with just 2 points separating us from the winner on the night;

  • Oxford 255
  • Buckingham 254
  • Croxley 253
  • Croxley 253
  • Ealing 245

Two 19s for Croxley for the excellent images;

  • Cat Humphries ‘Fragile’
  • Jim Forder ‘Swirl’

Looking forward to the second round!


Club night summary – 25th October

Excellent presentation given by John Humphrey FRPS on Macro and Creative

 techniques. A really good evening, well delivered and Inspiring. John gave many examples of using creative techniques by showing ‘before and after’ applying textures and effects etc.

A very high standard of photography was demonstrated which included superb prints displayed around the hall.


Club night summary – 11th October

Our 2nd PDI competition of the new season. Once again a great response to entries into the two competitions a total of 119 originally entered. This was reduced to make a practical night for judging to 85 (firs ttwo entries in each competition).

The results produced a good spread of winning authors in first and second positions with encouraging results from new members.

Some great Images on show, which was well Judged by Lloyd Moore.

Club night summary – 4th October

Welcome return for Cliff Hide professional press photographer who gave a lively run through of law and copyright from a photographers perspective and the key legal concepts we should be aware of.  A very interactive presentation which gave some interesting examples of issues that can be a complex area.