Club Night Summary #107

Penultimate Print League Comp

In a difficult and completely unpredictable year we have continued to run our club programme featuring great competitions, speakers from around the world, numerous workshops and social events. Hopefully this has served to Inspire and motivate our members and help distract away from the pandemic we are all living through.

It hasn’t been easy for any of us, when the first lock down struck at the end of last season a number of other camera clubs stopped their meetings which left them in disarray. We are blessed with having a great conscientious and responsive committee who Immediately reacted to the pandemic, quickly organising Zoom connection and ensured we did not miss one meeting in the existing season. Their commitment was such that a whole additional summer programme was organised which continued through to the current season, an amazing achievement.

I would like to personally thank each member of our committee for their support in making our club so successful

Our AGM ( annual general meeting) is on the 20th May, so anyone who would like to get Involved in the running of the club and help continue with this great legacy, either as part of the committee or offering support to the team, please contact us as soon as possible. There are opportunities that need to be arranged for next season.

We have now held our penultimate print league competition (shown as PDIs for practical reasons) Another good night that produced more inspiring Images. The Images were Judged by the experienced Sandy Watson. Thank you to everyone that took part in the evening and congratulations to the higher scoring authors on the night. (don’t forget to can view the Images on our excellent website in the gallery).


Club Night Summary #106

Last PDI
League Comp

It’s an exciting stage of our season, with a number of competitions coming to a head. We have now completed our final PDI league competition, so final PDI league positions can be confirmed.

As always, the latest competition judged by the experienced Michael Lurie was keenly fought by our talented membership, to achieve the best Individual league finish. With 45 entries into the ‘open’ competition there was a tremendous amount of variety on show, with some Incredible and original Images displayed. Thank you to everyone that has entered competitions this season, giving us such enjoyable Thursday evenings and providing such strong materials to select from for potential future representation of our club in external competitions.

We still have a great three months of this season to enjoy with other competitions ahead, Including completion of the Print league, Portrait and Landscape cups, PDI of the year and Print of the year (Colour and Monochrome). In addition we have our ‘remote shoots Worldwide’ presentation from our virtual guest speaker and a number of themed workshops to look forward too.

As things are changing back into some form of normality in the World, we photographers can get out and about a lot more in pursuit of more Images. Life looks a lot more positive, so it’s really good that we can share our passion together through our club.

Have a good Easter – Steve

Club Night Summary #105


In our latest workshop Cat Humphries led the evening with the theme of judging Images.

This was a follow up to our previous workshop of a few weeks ago, where we discussed the merits of Images and what elements separate one from another. Also the qualities circuit judges in Camera Club Competitions look for. Such elements as;

  • Impact and Interest
  • Viewpoint
  • Composition
  • Colour
  • Techniques
  • Manipulation and presentation
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits.

All were discussed as tips for judging, critiquing and self assessing photos. We put all of this knowledge into our latest workshop and Invited our talented membership to submit Images that had not been in competitions at the club before. These entries were then judged by our membership and not an external judge.

Voting on the various Images in advance of the night and then revealing each Image with scores as a normal competition would be presented. The membership offered critique on the Images and the previously voted score was revealed. This process gave a nice Interactive theme to the evening.

It was a really Interesting workshop and gave everyone an Insight into the thinking of the mechanics relating to the difficult task of dividing winning Images from others.

Huge thanks to Cat for her hard work putting together such Insightful workshops which have been really enjoyable.

Congratulations to David Eckland for his excellent overall winning Image ‘Brill windmill’.

Thank you to everyone that entered Images and all that took part in the evening.


Club Night Summary #104

Circles &

Print Competition

Our Thursday night ‘fix’ of all things photography has been the tonic we have all needed during these turbulent times. To be together with like minded friendly people with the common goal of photography, has helped us all cope with pretty well everything that has been thrown at us in the last year.

You can gauge the high level of enthusiasm and creative input in everything the club members tackle whether it’s a competition or workshop or just enjoying some of the great talk presentations we have had this season, from both visiting speakers (curtesy of the long distance Zoom potential) or our own talented members sharing tips and demonstrating techniques. The overall photography Inspiration comes from all our members working and being together as a club. A powerful combination!

Our latest club league print competition gave an Interesting challenge with the two set subjects of ‘Industrial’ and ‘Circles’. There were some diverse and Imaginative Interpretations of the theme, 61 Images were entered to enjoy, viewed on Zoom by visiting Judge Steven Galvin. Thanks to everyone that entered the competition and congratulations to the higher scoring authors.

Special mention for consistent In form member Gordon Calder who was awarded 20points for his two excellent Images in the ‘Circles’ competition.


Club Night Summary #103

Image Analysis Workshop

We are very fortunate as a camera club to have an active judge in our membership. Someone who knows about judging and delivering at the sharp end with many clubs every season. So it was great to have Cat Humphries lead our latest workshop evening entitled ‘Judging Images’ an evening designed give an appreciation of the intricacies of judging Images.

Cat talked us through the judging thought process, accompanied by an excellent power point slide show. In addition, armed with the pointers she shared with us, we were able to become the judges on the night, in an Interactive mock competition of her demonstration Images. This was enabled using ‘Zoom’ and phone voting. A thoroughly enjoyable evening which sparked plenty of healthy debate in this sometimes contentious area.

Armed with this additional knowledge (plenty of Information on our website) we have now Invited club entries into an Internal competition where we all become the judges and go through the judging thought process to vote for a winner.

Our next workshop night on the 18th March will review the outcome of this peer reviewed competition. Overall this time spent gaining knowledge and Insight into judging will help us all in our own photography work, as we consider our Images for competition entry.


Club Night Summary #102


What makes a great photograph? An age old question and one that is in continual debate. It’s a bit like naming your all time favourite music tune, it’s very difficult, because it depends on your mood at the time of choosing. Emotion often plays a part in a great photography Image and is regularly mentioned by competition judges when they say they are looking for an emotional connection or for the picture to tell a visual story. Of course technical ability and presentation are also key elements in the process. I guess finding the perfect formula is what keeps our quest of Improvement fresh and gives us all the Inspiration to keep producing new Images.

New Inspired Images were very much in evidence at our latest PDI league competitions with 70 Images entered into our set subjects of ‘Lines’ and ‘Creative/ Experimental’. Once again our talented and creative membership let loose with a variety of diverse images which met the subject criteria. Some outstanding Images were produced and within the higher scoring Images awarded by visiting Judge Alan Colegrave was 20 points scored by our very talented Gordon Calder for his excellent Images in both competitions.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competitions, making it a really enjoyable night and congratulations to the higher scoring authors on the night. This was the penultimate PDI league competitions, further adding to the nights Interest of points accrual within the leagues.


Club Night Summary #101

Improving Your Photography

With Martin Patten

I recently saw an article on sunsets, by the end of this month the sun won’t set until 5.40pm and by the end of March it will be 7.40pm and by the end of April 8.30pm! A good Indicator there are brighter days ahead. As the pandemic is brought under control through the vaccine being given to more people, hopefully we will soon be returning to normality and we can again pursue our great and creative love of photography more freely.

On our Thursday club meeting night On Zoom we welcomed guest speaker Martin Patten to give us a talk entitled ‘Improving your Photography’. Martin is a very accomplished award winning photographer, is the Chairman of the CACC and also judges competitions for Camera clubs. He gave a very Informative presentation covering an extensive range of techniques and tips on Improving our photography. His talk was also peppered with some of his excellent Images. He emphasised the Importance of ‘Seeing, thinking and taking’ throughout his presentation.

Overall a very enjoyable and Inspiring evening with plenty of Information to consider and help us all further Improve our photography art.


Club Night Summary #100


I would like to to mark the 100th club night summary with a special thanks to Steve for all the effort he puts into making the club a success, from the work he does on the committee, to running the Zoom sessions and indeed writing such warm and inclusive summaries for us all to read. Well done Steve! – George

Rod, our Treasurer also adds: our Chairman has written 100 continuous weekly updates for our Newsletter and Website reflecting on our activities and deserves a big “thank you” for the encouragement contained in his weekly notes. Well done Steve – keep it up.

Now back to Steve…

One of the great things with ‘open’ competitions is seeing and enjoying the diverse nature of the entries, with everything being covered, Including landscape, portrait, macro and nature.

Our latest league print ‘open’ competition certainly provided all of the above, with some excellent Images on show for visiting Judge Rojer Weightman, who had the difficult task of critique and awarding points on the night. There were 48 Images entered in the competition.

It’s very rare for someone to gain two Images scoring 20 points in a competition, but our club Secretary Denise Noverre achieved just that, with her two outstanding floral Images.

The competition was naturally shown as a PDI through Zoom, but the judge took into account with his marking the qualities which would also make the Images good prints.

Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to Denise and the other high scoring authors on the night. Once again an enjoyable evening where we maintained our high standard of competition entries, through the creative and Inspiring Images presented by our talented members.


Club Night Summary #99

Rosebowl Third Round

Our journey in this years external Rosebowl competition finished last week with us contesting the third round against Imagez, Ealing and Pinner Camera clubs. Once again we fielded a strong selection from our talented membership, but unfortunately we couldn’t quite get the points we needed. Cat Humphries was our star of the night scoring 2 x 19s with her held back Images. We also got 18s from George Purchase, Mike Brankin, Stuart Craig and Steve Bailey Congratulations to Imagez who won on the night.

We gained valuable experience from the competition and it was a great opportunity to compare our Images with other clubs.

Thanks again to external competition Secretary Stuart Craig for his final selection for each round, taken from the committee chosen pool of Images representing our club.

We now look forward to next years external competitions to build on our success of this season, where we reached the semi final of the NW fed competition. A tremendous achievement. At our Workshop last week we got the chance to have a look at some of the high scoring Images so far this season. A nice Informal Interactive evening which is highly suitable for the Zoom meetings. Authors gave an Insight into some of their excellent Images, sharing detail of their thought process and other Information.

A very enjoyable night, filled with good humour and plenty of photography conversation.


Club Night Summary #98

PDI Competition Night

We have started our 2021 section of our programme at pace, with a workshop on ‘quick editing techniques’ presented by some of our talented members followed by our first trophy competitions for Nature and Triptych. This was then followed by a great talk ‘The world of a wildlife photographer’ presented by David Boag. We also squeezed in two external competitions with the Rosebowl and a semi final of the Nw fed competition, which unfortunately we narrowly lost to Amersham CC.

Finally we completed January’s programme with our first open league competition. Judged by Lloyd Moore it was the usual tightly contested encounter with some great Images presented for critique and attaining points to enhance the members league position.

Congratulations to the higher point scorers for their excellent Images and thanks to everyone who entered in making it such an entertaining night. Judge Lloyd Moore made a complimentary reference regarding the overall high standard of our clubs Images.

We now look forward to our February programme, which is once again carefully planned to give our members maximum variety, Including a members workshop, a print open league competition, a talk on Improving your photography and finally a themed PDI competition with set subjects ‘Lines’ and ‘Creative/Experimental’.

In this turbulent world we currently live in, could there be a better distraction!