Peer Review Competition

Peer Review Competition Open for Voting

Members are invited to start voting on the images their fellow photographers have entered into the peer review competition. The Members Area contains all the materials you need, including the Google voting form and the gallery of the entries (30 images)

Voting closed on 14th March to allows us time to collate the scores in time for the reveal on the 18th.


Cat & George

Club Night Summary #91

Zoom Interactive Night

Our season has certainly got of to a busy start this year with a great and versatile programme. We have already had four league competitions a couple of Internal member photo challenges. Three brilliant guest speakers joined us on separate evenings with topics covering Abandoned architecture, sports photography and Landscapes. We’ve also hosted the first round of the prestigious Rosebowl Competition.

So it was good to put the brakes on for a week and have a good Interactive relaxed members evening on Zoom. We had originally planned to continue the traditional Croxfotofest celebrations with members proudly showing and talking about some of their creative work in our community centre hall. However with the current coved pandemic, this clearly couldn’t happen this year.

Our Interactive evening covered many areas from within and outside the club exchanging views and sharing Photography Information. George presented the current updated league tables and Stuart gave us details on the next round of the Nw fed league and showed the selected Images. We even had a couple of entertaining and enjoyable Av’s from Barbara and Tracy! It was also announced that we are Increasing our author entries on both PDI and print ‘open’ competitions from 2 to 3 per person with Immediate effect.

In addition George gauged the feelings of the members regarding creating an Individual members gallery on our website. This news was received very positively with a request to Instigate as soon as possible.