Welcome to the new CCC website

Hello Everyone,

Appreciate this has been a long time coming but I have finally have the new website up and running.  Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to run the old site in parallel , so had to do a hard switch-over.

Many thanks to Rich Parmiter for all the pointers and help over the past months..

The blog is where I’ll be posting most of the new content, which I’ll categorise so easy to browse., also the entire site is searchable using the search box on the blog page too.  I’m also keeping a copy of all of this season’s newsletters on the site for easy reference too.

I’ll  keep the galleries up to date with the latest competition results. also keep a record of the images the club is entering into external competitions.  However that’s behind the password protected “External” gallery, and I’ll be revealing what this is at the next club night

If you notice any bugs or issues, or have suggestions for improvements then please come and find me on a Thursday evening!


New Location for Studio Evenings

At the end of August, Art Of Wonderland Studio was closed, we have been looking for new premises to shoot from, and have secured studio space at West Herts College.

The studio space is slightly more expensive to hire per hour, and the college closes at 9:00pm, therefore start time is now 7.00pm