Club Night Summary #106

Last PDI
League Comp

It’s an exciting stage of our season, with a number of competitions coming to a head. We have now completed our final PDI league competition, so final PDI league positions can be confirmed.

As always, the latest competition judged by the experienced Michael Lurie was keenly fought by our talented membership, to achieve the best Individual league finish. With 45 entries into the ‘open’ competition there was a tremendous amount of variety on show, with some Incredible and original Images displayed. Thank you to everyone that has entered competitions this season, giving us such enjoyable Thursday evenings and providing such strong materials to select from for potential future representation of our club in external competitions.

We still have a great three months of this season to enjoy with other competitions ahead, Including completion of the Print league, Portrait and Landscape cups, PDI of the year and Print of the year (Colour and Monochrome). In addition we have our ‘remote shoots Worldwide’ presentation from our virtual guest speaker and a number of themed workshops to look forward too.

As things are changing back into some form of normality in the World, we photographers can get out and about a lot more in pursuit of more Images. Life looks a lot more positive, so it’s really good that we can share our passion together through our club.

Have a good Easter – Steve