Club Night Summary #118

Paths, Roads and In the Kitchen

It’s now been four weeks since we returned to our hall at the Community centre. It has been great to establish face to face meetings again and also to welcome back valued former members who were not so comfortable with Zoom meetings.

Last week we held our first league ‘set subject’ PDI competitions. The subjects were ‘Paths and roads’ and ‘In the kitchen’. Some really good Interesting Images were produced by our talented membership, giving the visiting Judge Alan Taberer plenty to consider in his judgement of awarding points. As always members can see the higher scoring Images on the excellent club website Image gallery.

During the lockdown period of our season’s we managed to present some great speakers where Zoom enabled us to have presentations within our financial budget from much greater distance than normal. I think the furthest was Georgia!

We have continued to book some outstanding presenters for this season also via Zoom and this week is no exception with Keith Snell presenting his ‘But is it Art’ with Keith giving his view on abstract photography. I’m sure this presentation will provide lots of Inspiration for our Individual photography. So we are not in the hall this week, but a great opportunity to tune in on Zoom to enjoy the presentation. Details to join the meeting are in the members area of our website.

We have a few more outstanding guest speakers through Zoom dotted through the programme this season, but primarily we are now back operating safely in the hall with a great social atmosphere which hopefully will continue as the World gets back to some kind of normality.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Zoom this Thursday.