Club Night Summary #124

Print Show & Tell

It was Inspiring to see and hear the stories behind our Members evening, where we had Invited members to bring along one or two of their favourite prints and give a short presentation on why they were their favourite.  Each author which had brought along prints gave a great Insight into their reasons for selecting the chosen Images.  There were Interesting stories on each print to help the receptive audience understand the background to the prints.

This section of the evening was a bit longer than scheduled, reducing the time available for the planned debate on ‘growing the club’ which was an Interactive open topic.  Thank you to those that raised points on the evening in the limited time.  Although we ran over our allotted time, we clearly could have spent a lot longer on this subject.

Looking forward this week to our next session of ‘Intimate Landscape’ competition, as we get to grips with this quite difficult new topic for external competition entry.  The evening will be led by our external competition Secretary Stuart Craig In our quest to find the Images that will be put forward into the competition.

See everyone on Thursday.