Club night summary – 20th August

hank you to everyone who has already responded to our mini survey, regarding how we feel about regrouping and holding meetings in the near future. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please take a few minutes and give us your feedback as soon as possible. It’s your club and we want to get the decisions right for everyone . The link is the Members Area.

One of the many great things about being in a camera club, is the bringing together of like minded, creative people. Last Thursday was another great example, with our latest photography challenge ‘Natural light portraits’. Once again we had a very entertaining evening with some great Images produced and shown, demonstrating natural lighting technique, at its best. Our winning formula, of each author showing an Image and providing the narrative to the other members, on both technical and Inspiration behind the photograph, was used to great effect. We had 30 excellent Images shown, which made the two hour meeting fly by. You can see the Images in the members area of our website.

Sadly that’s our last summer programme challenge before the new season, which starts on the 3rd September, it has proved a very popular topic and presentation theme with some great work produced by all that have entered the various challenges. Watch the newsletter for additional challenges of a similar nature, to find there way into our Autumn / Winter schedule! Thank you to everyone that has entered any of the the excellent summer challenges and produced such a high standard of photography.

More good news, some kind of normality has been resumed, with ‘ Ant’ managing to safely and successfully hold his first portrait social, following the lockdown. A great Indicator of things gradually Improving, prior to our exciting new season.