Club Night Summary #83

First Competition of the Season!

This week I was reminded we had held 24 online meetings since the Coronavirus came into our lives, causing the lockdown and subsequent loss of our meeting hall for obvious safety reasons.
Thanks to the ‘zoom’ facility we have met every week since March, completing the season, running through the normal summer break and here we are just a few weeks into our new season.

Ironically the last meeting in March held at the community centre was a competition night judged by Martin Patten, who was also our Judge for the first competition of our new season this week.
The competition was an ‘open’ PDI and as always was a closely fought event, with many excellent Images contesting for the highest league points.

Our judge for the evening was also at our ‘Zoom’ online meeting and gave ‘live critique accompanied by constructive comments and tips regarding the entered Images, as he distributed the points and nominated the highest scorers.

An enjoyable night, enabling the membership to enjoy the diverse collection of Images that an ‘open’ competition brings.

Thank you to all that entered the competition, which as always is a great way to measure your own Individual progress during the season with your creative work.