Club night summary – 19th March

Because of the Coronavirus situation, we are no longer meeting at the community centre until further notice. However we are still running the club online. On Monday the committee had their first online run through, which showed great promise using audio/ visual communications.

On Thursday we had our first club programmed meeting, entitled ‘You be the judge’ where the members viewed, passed comment and scored Images that had been entries into the Portrait of Britain competition.

This gave an Interesting and Interactive evening, with the members discussing the various merits of each Image before reaching a score from the comfort of their own homes.
The online system was a great technical success with over 20 of our members using it and able to contribute to the discussion with ease. A big thank you to Stuart Craig who controlled and managed the event on the night.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and technical expertise of our talented committee, we Intend to complete the remainder of the published programme for this season, by using this online system.