Club night summary – 26th March

This week, our unforgettable season continued with our first online competition, originally a print competition, but for online converted to a PDI for practical purposes. The competition will count in our season for the print league table, still as a Print competition. When things get back to normal, we are looking forward to viewing the actual prints.

The competitions went well, with topics ‘open’ and set subject ‘Urban life’. We had a total of 66 entries and as always a very high standard of Images and a good Interpretation of the challenging subjects were presented.

The evening was judged by Rojer Weightman who had volunteered to try his first ever online judging role with us. Rojer did a good job with his Informative critique and ultimate scoring.

Thank you to everyone that entered the competitions and congratulations to the high point scorers on the evening.

Once again we were joined online with a good number of the membership and as always good humour prevailed throughout the night. It really is good to keep contact through this medium.

It will be great to welcome even more of our talented membership to this forum each Thursday night.