Club night summary – 27th February

This week we had ‘talks from our members’ a very entertaining evening with 3 different photography related topics covered.

David Eckland spoke about his recent external learning course which lasts for 10 weeks and is aligned to LRPS distinction. David gave a PowerPoint presentation giving an Interesting Insight into the criteria of the course and the benefits.

Gordon Calder talked about photoshop/lightroom photo manipulation and the reason why with a little skill, you should take a second look before you press the delete button on your computer. Gordon gave some great visual examples of ‘before and after’, where he had used his manipulative skills to transform some of his Images into winners!

Archie Bagworth gave an Insightful view on the current Laws and the role of police and security with various restrictions for Photography. It was really useful to be reminded of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ within Archie’s PowerPoint presentation.

We are very fortunate to have such talented members within the club, providing a great evening and sharing valuable and Interesting Information.