Club night summary – 2nd April

Our online change to the season continued this week with an excellent talk from our club secretary Cat Humphries who presented ‘shooting sunset’ recreating vintage Hollywood portraits. In the first half of the evening we were treated to a potted history of Cat’s extensive Involvement with photography for theatre groups, covering many well known shows. This section was accompanied by excellent Images she had taken. Cat’s Involvement and contribution has gradually Increased with the Theatre group (Ricky players) in addition to covering their rehearsals and shows, she has contributed and produced posters for a number. In addition she recently produced a programme for ‘Sunset Boulevard’ where she developed her skill on reproducing the vintage film star black and white photography.

During the second half of the evening Cat shared details on this photography technique and equipment used, again showing superb Images to accompany her dialogue. A very entertaining presentation which was enjoyed by our members, tuned in to this now unmissable Thursday night online.