Club Night Summary #86

Mark Pain Sports Photography

From the moment our guest speaker played the opening Av style Photography (Images set to music) showing amazing sports shots, we knew were we in for a treat of an evening.

Mark Pain multi award winning photographer joined us on Zoom last week to give a presentation on sports photography.

Mark shared his vast experience in the Industry having been Chief sports photographer for the Mail on Sunday for over 20 years and winner of many awards including Olympic photographer of the year 2012 and SJA sports photographer of the year 2013.

The much travelled photographer shared detail on how some of his amazing Images, ranging from professional golf, formula one racing and premiership football were achieved, often in difficult circumstances, dealing with Inclement weather and physical locations. In addition to giving great tips on equipment and how to best tackle sports photography.

In the second half of the evening Mark focused on the 2012 Olympics, where once again he Impressed with outstanding shots of many events and competitors and explained a lot of the thinking behind obtaining such fantastic images.

He has a great delivery style and encouraged questions throughout the evening always happy to share his knowledge. It was a very Inspiring and enjoyable evening which had everyone fully engaged with this outstanding prestigious photographer.

Our new season has got off to a great start, which so far has Included two superb talks/presentations.