Club Night Summary #92

NorthWest Federation Second Round & Print Set Subject

Some weeks ago we were delighted to report we had won the first round of the NW fed league against Harrow and XRR. On Tuesday we had the second round of this competition hosted by Harrow, using Zoom online.

The outcome was another victory for Croxley, confirming the strength of our talented photographers. We had a very strong performance throughout despite coming up against against some very good Images from the other clubs. The results were;

  • Croxley 176
  • Harrow 175
  • XRR 172

Congratulations to Gordon Calder who scored 20 and was awarded a star for his Image of the Asian lady.

We also had 5 of our authors scoring 18, giving us a consistently strong presence in the competition. These authors were;

  • Mike Brankin
  • Arron Dowdeswell
  • Cat Humphries
  • Denise Noverre
  • Steve Bailey

After two rounds of the contest it leave us with the following points;

  • Croxley 397
  • Harrow 380
  • XRR 388

This week we host the third and final league competition against these clubs, with a semi final place going to the winners! Special thanks to Stuart Craig for his ongoing coordination of the external competitions.

The Images Involved In our external competitions all come from last season and were judged in competition prior to our selection process. Our latest league competition of print set subjects ‘Weather’ and ‘tunnels and corridors’ produced another crop of outstanding Images for experienced Judge Micki Aston to critique and award marks.

This standard of entries will make the club potentially stronger in external competitions next season.(view on the clubs website gallery)

Thank you to everyone that submitted Images, which naturally were shown as PDIs for practical purposes and congratulations to the higher scoring authors.