Club Night Summary #120

Park Street Landscape Competition

Last week the first external competition was held ‘Park street landscape cup’ with 10 clubs including ourselves competing for the honours. Our history hasn’t always been good in this particular competition where we often come across other clubs with greater pedigree in landscape photography. However spurred on by our growing success in recent external competitions and some careful selection we fielded a very well received set of Images. We ultimately finished a very honourable 3rd on the night, only missing out by a few points from the eventual winners. We were also the only club to score 2 x 20s in the competition from Amanda Culley and Gordon Calder with their excellent Images. Overall a good result for the club and further prove of our growing strength in external competitions.

Thank you to all the members who had Images representing the club for this competition, making it a great overall team effort. We made a bit more club history by beaming this Zoom competition into the hall for us to watch together. We had good visuals on the large screen and perfect sound for the broadcast. It was great to give a collective cheer as the Croxley entries were shown and critiqued by the judge.

Having proved the technology, we would like to expand the use of Zoom broadcasts into the community centre hall for our next speaker David Clapp with his presentation ‘ Images with Impact’ on the 4th November giving everyone a chance to watch in the hall together. Looking forward to our first print competition for nearly two years in the hall this week!

See everyone on Thursday


Club Night Summary #119

But is it Art?

After four weeks back in the Community centre hall, we returned to Zoom for last week’s presentation. Keith Snell was our guest speaker, broadcasting from his home in the Lake District. His talk had the Intriguing title of ‘But is it art’ sharing with us his take on ‘representational’ and ‘Impressionistic’ photography and art. A very Interesting and Inspiring presentation, with Keith showing many fine examples of his own work. In particular his passion for abstract and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography.

We are back in the hall this week where we will be creating another first for the club by showing ‘live’ view on our big screen of ‘The park street landscape cup’ in which we will be competing to try and win the competition. It will be great to meet together to cheer on our entries and compare our work with other clubs during the evening.

The following week we have another landmark where after nearly two years, we will be holding our first print competition back in the hall. It’s an ‘open’ competition with up to three entries per person. It will be brilliant to have physical prints on show back in the hall for the judge to critique. Personally, I think to produce a print for competition is a very satisfying experience and although a bit more effort, it is overall a rewarding achievement.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday


Club Night Summary #118

Paths, Roads and In the Kitchen

It’s now been four weeks since we returned to our hall at the Community centre. It has been great to establish face to face meetings again and also to welcome back valued former members who were not so comfortable with Zoom meetings.

Last week we held our first league ‘set subject’ PDI competitions. The subjects were ‘Paths and roads’ and ‘In the kitchen’. Some really good Interesting Images were produced by our talented membership, giving the visiting Judge Alan Taberer plenty to consider in his judgement of awarding points. As always members can see the higher scoring Images on the excellent club website Image gallery.

During the lockdown period of our season’s we managed to present some great speakers where Zoom enabled us to have presentations within our financial budget from much greater distance than normal. I think the furthest was Georgia!

We have continued to book some outstanding presenters for this season also via Zoom and this week is no exception with Keith Snell presenting his ‘But is it Art’ with Keith giving his view on abstract photography. I’m sure this presentation will provide lots of Inspiration for our Individual photography. So we are not in the hall this week, but a great opportunity to tune in on Zoom to enjoy the presentation. Details to join the meeting are in the members area of our website.

We have a few more outstanding guest speakers through Zoom dotted through the programme this season, but primarily we are now back operating safely in the hall with a great social atmosphere which hopefully will continue as the World gets back to some kind of normality.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Zoom this Thursday.


Website Change

New Format Image Galleries for 2021/22

This year I’m planning to display the images of each round of the league competitions in their own separate gallery rather than putting them all into one as in previous years.

See the first example of the new 2021/22 format here.

The category headings are an accordion lists, so you need to click on one in order to see all the competitions in a particular catagory.

The page has place holders for all the competitions and will populated as each one takes place.

Do let me know if you have any problems viewing the new format galleries (email

Thanks, George

Club Night Summary #117

Intimate Landscapes

One of the many good things about our camera club is the challenge of discovering something new with our photography. Last week at our first workshop of the new season we had the opportunity to submit Images that represented an ‘Intimate landscape’. This subject is for a future external competition to be held in March 2022. Our objective on the night was to find Images that best represented this subject whilst gaining a greater understanding of the subject matter. We had a tremendous response with over 50 Images being submitted by the membership.

We viewed the submissions on the night with much debate on whether they best fitted the requested subject brief. Ultimately we decided on 15 Images to consider against the 6 required Image entries for the competition. Thank you to everyone who put their Interpretation on this quite tricky subject and submitted Images to make this enjoyable workshop held at the community centre possible.

While we are on the subject of ‘Challenge’ this week we hold our first set subject PDI competition with the themes ‘Paths and Roads’ and ‘In the Kitchen’ which we are sure will once again bring out many Innovative Interpretations of the topics and as always prove a difficult task for the visiting judge to separate and award points with so many excellent entries.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday


Club Night Summary #116

First Competition of the Season

After nearly two years it was great to hold our first PDI league competition back in our hall at the community centre last Thursday. With 45 entries in the open competition and judged by the experienced Kathy Chantler, it gave us a really enjoyable night. It was also great to see the membership have lost none of their flair by producing a wide range of topics within the competition. A range of really creative Images were entered giving the judge a difficult task to allocate and award league points.

Once again, In these difficult times the meeting was held in a responsible way, with spaced chairs and extra ventilation etc with everyone attending the meeting operating in a respectful way towards each other. Great to have the open communications again, which meeting at the hall brings and will add to our weekly meetings to our advantage. We hope to welcome back more of our original membership in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to our ‘Intimate landscape’ review this Thursday, where a large part of the evening will be enjoying Images and getting greater understanding of this topic for this external competition held later in the season.

See you on Thursday Steve

Club Night Summary #115

Trophy Presentation Night

Last Thursday we were finally able to hold a face to face meeting back in the Community centre hall. After all this time of not being able to meet in person as a group, it was a welcome event to see each other back in our club home. The well attended meeting followed current Covid advice, with spaced out chairs and extra ventilation through the hall etc.

It was particularly good on the night to see a few members who were not comfortable with the Zoom arrangement returning. It would be great over the next few weeks to reunite all our original members back together in the hall.

It was a great atmosphere for our annual awards night with a well constructed excellent slide show provided by Vanessa, as the successful authors were presented with their accolades. Thank you to everyone who entered competitions last season and provided such a high standard of entry. Congratulations to the authors who were featured on the night for their fine photography work in both cup competitions and the Individual leagues. Thank you to Rod Lacey for his good humour and support during the presentations.

We now have our first PDI open competition of the season this week, with a judge back in the hall! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries and feel sure we will have an enjoyable night back together as the season’s competitions get underway.

The week after on the 30th September we are holding a preparation evening for the all new ‘Intimate Landscapes’ which we have entered. A Competition run by Tring CC in March 2022. (Further details in the newsletter)

See you on Thursday Steve