Smartphone Competition 2023

The ‘CCC Smartphone PDI Competition’ – ‘Open’ theme

Competing for a really nice certificate on 30th March 2023 and judged by Paul Burwood of Field End Photographic Society.

We are running this for the first time this season intending for it to become an annual competition held each season for images taken by members using only their smartphone. For this season’s competition your committee has decided to be kind to you by relaxing the entry guidelines and by making the competition theme ‘OPEN’. Images can be retouched if desired. Images will be shown by projection.


  1. The image must comply with the general rules as stated in the handbook.
  2. All elements of the entry are limited to the author’s original work.
  3. Image data files to be created using a smartphone only.
  4. Images that have been retouched by using camera apps, photo editing apps, other software, etc. will be accepted.
  5. Both colour and monochrome images will be accepted.
  6. Each member can submit up to four images via PhotoEntry in the usual way and in order of preference 1 to 4. If the total entry is considered too large, then it may be reduced at the discretion of the Competition Secretary by removing images in reverse order i.e. number 4 first.
  7. The judge for the competition will comment on the images but not score. Instead, images will be held back or not ultimately selecting a first, second & third place image.