Club night summary – 24th January

A change to our original programme presented by committee members;

In the first half of the evening, Ant led a intriguing workshop on using the Brenizer method of taking and stitching Images together.  This involved members using their cameras to take a number of images of a model and then using software to stitch together, to create the Brenizer effect.

In the second half of the evening I gave a presentation onsharing techniques, showing the production of the recent Triptych competition winner ‘Seasons in a jar’.

This was followed by an excellent technical insight given by George who explained ‘why your camera sensor invents two thirds of your Image’.

Finally we viewed, some of the varied produced member Images from our recent ‘ photography speed workshop’.


PS: Example Brenizer taken on the night:

Thanks to Alan for modelling

Triptych 2018 Cup Results

Congratulations to Steve Bailey for winning the Triptych Cup for a second year running.  Steve’s winning image was Seasons in a Jar

The judge also held back a large number of triptychs before choosing her winner so we thought these should have special mention too.  Congratulations to Steve (again), Rod & Vanessa Lacey, Cat Humphries, Anthony Highet, Fin Simpson & Denise Noverre for giving the judge a difficult decision.

All 26 triptych entries are available in the 2018 gallery

Triptych 2018

Random image

Newcomers Cup Results

Congratulation to Rudi Mehta for winning the 2018 Newcomers cup with his fabulous image below.  Rudi will be awarded the trophy at the end of season party where Anthony Highet’s rein as last year’s winner will come to an end…  Also congratulations to Beth Christie for the second place awarded by the judge for her image below.  Great work from both.

Club night summary – 17th January

PDI trophy competition night for both ‘newcomers’ and ‘Triptych’ judged by Julia Cleaver.  Understandably low entries from the newcomers, however this allowed time for good encouraging critique from Julia.

The Triptych competition entries were heralded as a very high standard by the judge who appreciated the additional work and vision required to put three images together that worked.  The judge held back 10 Images to make the final difficult decision on the ultimate winner.

Congratulations to all entrants for the work towards creating good competitions on the night.