Club Night Summary #108

Social Evening

One of the best things about being part of a camera club is the weekly opportunity to meet and communicate with like minded people, who equally appreciate the creative side of photography.

Our latest workshop ‘members evening’ provided an ideal platform to share stories with other members. In addition to verbal communications, some of our members gave demonstrations of topics by showing Images, using the Zoom shared screen option. This is a really powerful way to convey a story by adding great Images and the opportunity to demonstrate a software manoeuvre.

Stuart Craig gave the group an overview of the new external competition ‘Intimate landscapes’ and explained the requirements while also showing some Inspiring Images to help understand the subject.

Ian Bennell had visited a ‘harvest mouse’ workshop and shared some wonderful Images captured during his visit. He also gave the group a great Insight by describing his day on location.

Arron Dowdeswell gave us an impromptu talk on drones, a really Interesting subject in which Arron is clearly very proficient in this area. Drone photography offers an exciting opportunity to capture different angles and hard to get to places.

Gordon Calder demonstrated the ‘Sky replacement’ tool and once again gave us all a brilliant and Inspiring tutorial with some great examples of his manipulation of Images.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the evening, which once again demonstrated the talent we have in our club.