Club Night Summary #109


As more Covid restrictions are being lifted, we are able to start thinking about our Camera Club future in a much more positive light. We are able to start planning for next season, where we hope we will be able to start the season in September back in our hall at the community centre.

Our virtual world for the last year on Zoom has enabled us keep everything going with weekly meetings throughout. We are grateful for the continuous communications Zoom has facilitated and our members have still produced a high standard of Images during the season. Despite the threat and restrictions of the pandemic.

At our latest Thursday meeting we had a great example of Zoom use when George Purchase was able to expertly share his screen and guide us all through ‘Getting the most from auto focus’ where George explained the principals behind the camera’s auto focus system and how to get the most from it.

In Addition David Eckland gave the members news on a photo expedition he was organising in Oxford on May 24th. Rebecca Berman will be assisting with the visit, utilising local knowledge of the area, to ensure great photography opportunities.

David also displayed some of his great Images taken on the previous popular photowalk in London. Another Interesting workshop night, perfectly tailored to Zoom.