Club night summary – 13th August

With the week’s now fast disappearing towards our new season starting on 3rd September we now need to focus on where we will meet and the shape of future meetings.
We have been given the green light to resume using the Community hall on Thursdays, naturally providing we meet the current law on safe distancing and overall safe practice regarding numbers etc. We will also need to carry out a risk assessment to ensure we meet the stringent compliance practice.

However this could be academic at this time, because the Important question is how do all our members feel about meetings. Understandably everyone will need to feel comfortable and confident in physically meeting in the hall. We feel that a short survey will help gauge everyone’s current feelings regarding resuming hall meetings or continuing as we are currently doing using online Zoom meetings. Please help us by completing the below survey. We value everyone’s Input to help decide the direction, which of course will be decided by the majority vote.

The Zoom meetings, in both completing last season’s competitions and programme and the recent light summer schedule have been very successful but we appreciate it hasn’t been right for everyone to attend online.

Zoom has been a learning curve for most of us. We would love to help assist any current or potential new members in using the Zoom system, if you would like to join in. Please contact to let us know your needs.

The excellent challenges and Informal catch up sessions we have run over the last few weeks have been well received by the members and have produced some outstanding work. Some examples can be seen below from the various challenges, or you can see more detail in the members area of our website.

We have a great camera club, but like many other clubs at the moment are suffering with not being able to recreate the meetings as they were. This of course can put a strain on communications.

We value every member and would love to be able to harness our loyal membership for another season of exciting events and Inspiration for all. Things will change along the way as the world eventually gets to grips with this awful pandemic and we return to some form of normality.

In the meantime please complete the survey to Indicate your preferences and if possible, if you haven’t already done so, get signed up for another year (details below) and we will come out of this period together and stronger as a club.