Club night summary – 6th August

It’s hard to Imagine in four weeks time our new season will start. There are still many unknowns regarding how and where we will meet. There are a lot of considerations ahead to ensure that we can meet safely in the community centre hall, to ensure compliance with social distancing safety measures etc.

In the clubs sixty years of existence there has never been a more challenging time at the start of a new season, a conundrum currently shared by all camera clubs. One thing is for sure, we will be up and running on the 3rd of September either online using ‘Zoom’ or back in the hall when we all feel comfortable with the safety arrangements. We have an exciting programme planned for this year with all judges for competitions, guest speakers etc confirmed and ready to go, either on ‘Zoom’ or in the hall. We have a number of members already renewed their subscription for next season and it would be great to get the same commitment from all current members prior to the start of next season.

In the meantime, last week we continued our wonderful light summer programme with the latest challenge. This time it was a post processing challenge. Three Images were provided to download from our website to edit as our talented photographers saw fit. In addition there were further Images provided to create a composite Image using their Imagination to create a scene.

Once again the members excelled in their creativity and gave great documentary on how they had gone about their editing process to create the stunning results.

Another fun and Interesting night which ensured we are still keeping together during these difficult and uncertain times.