Club night summary – 16th July

In the year that we are celebrating our club 60th anniversary, no one could have predicted or Imagined what was going to happen this year.

Our last club hall meeting was on the 12th March and then the corona virus lockdown started. A number of other camera clubs stopped their activities causing all sorts of issues with their activities and members.

We were able to Immediately adapt to using ‘Zoom’ on the Internet. Our meetings all be it online continued and we were able to successfully complete our season’s planned programme.

Judges and speakers were also quick to adapt to the new way of working. Many of our members have been able to continue and enjoy the normal weekly meetings. We appreciate that it doesn’t suit everyone and we hope as things progress we will be safely be back in the community centre in September with all members.

We are now a few weeks into our ‘light’ summer programme, a great selection of ‘challenges’ which has proved a hit with those able to take part. A combination of photography and communications, keeping everyone in touch during this difficult time.

Last week we had a great evening as an ‘Informal get together’ on Zoom. An opportunity for the online members to discuss any subjects with the others. This proved to be a really enjoyable evening with a wide range of topics covered and even Included some members sharing Images online, that they were working on.

The joining details for the Thursday night weekly meetings are in the members area of our website and we look forward to welcoming as many members as possible each week.