Club night summary – 23rd July

As we get further into our ‘summer’ programme with a more relaxed approach of weekly meetings, the enthusiasm for our love of photography never wains. Whether it is one of our summer ‘challenges’ or just a meet up to discuss anything photography related it has been a great series of online meetings. We have had a number of Interesting photography challenges so far, which have produced some excellent Images.

 Last week we Invited everyone to step outside their normal photography comfort zone to create a ‘stop motion animation’. This presented a whole series of challenges, which involved different techniques in both shooting and software use. In addition much more time needed to be devoted to the production of this challenge. As with all of the tasks set so far, our dedication members set about producing a number of creative and well thought out stop motion animations.

It was great to both see the final clips on Thursday and hear from the authors who managed to find the time to produce. All the members that managed to produce clips agreed, it was a good exercise, going into previously untrod territory and learning new techniques. The clips can be viewed in the members area the website.

Thank you to all that attended the meeting and in particular to those members that took up the challenge and produced such Inventive stop motion clips.

We look forward to the next few challenges during August