Club night summary – 30th July

One of the things we all miss from not meeting in the community centre each Thursday is the social Interaction. The opportunity to just talk to like minded people about anything and everything, normally photography related, but always Interesting and often Informative.

Our weekly summer programme tries to provide a platform to have the opportunity just to exchange views and share Information within the group. Although it’s online and we are viewing each of us sitting in little boxes, it does provide a forum for two way communication within the group.

Last week was a great example of this relaxed evening where we exchanged many Interesting topics, from discussing lighting for both indoor/ outdoor shoots, the merits of each product and of course the all Important budget to finance the purchase.
We talked about, if you want to share your Images to the outside world and the various platforms on social media etc to creating your own website.

We also managed to fit in a discussion on photo books comparing the various providers and the ease of putting a book together.

In addition to the exciting challenges we have issued and had a great response too during this period of online activity. The blend of Informal get together on Zoom has proved a winning formula for the difficult time we are all currently experiencing in the world.

Thursday evenings online are open to every club member, with easy access Instructions in the members area to join.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday πŸ™‚