Image Analysis: How to Critique Like a Judge

Well seen…

On Thursday 4th March, Cat will be leading a workshop on image analysis. Photography is both an art and a science so we’ll be exploring what to look for when critiquing images, along with our emotional connection and reactions to photographs. This will be an interactive evening where we will all become judges, analysing and scoring images online during the Zoom session and reviewing the results using 

Cat has provided a large set of images for you to practice analysing and scoring. You can use these either before or during the workshop. A useful checklist has also been provided to help you be objective. These materials can be found in the members area of the website now.

Then in March we’ll be running our first Peer Review competition so we can use the judging techniques we have learnt. The peer review competition is now open in PhotoEntry for members to submit images they would like reviewed. This will close on Sunday March 7th and the submitted images will be published in a private gallery for members to judge using Google forms. Judging will then close on Sunday 14th March and the results revealed on the 18th.

Summary of the time line below.

George and Cat (but mainly Cat)

Peer review competition open in PhotoEntryNow
Critique workshop materials available in Members AreaNow
Critique workshop evening4th March
Peer review competition close on PhotoEntry and online judging opens7th March
Online judging closes 14th March
Peer review results revealed18th March
Updated 18th February